• Why do people decide to place a baby for adoption?
There are many reasons. In almost all cases it is a decision made out of love for the child.

• What will people think of me for giving up my baby for adoption?
Most will admire you for your courage in doing what you think is right for your child. However, some will not understand your decision and may be critical. Remember, it is your decision to make.

• Can I select the adoptive parents?
YES. Most of our adoptions have a considerable amount of "openness" in that you can select, talk to and even meet (if you wish) prospective adoptive parents. We will explain your options, but will never pressure you. If you prefer a more closed process, this can be done also. The decision is up to you!

• Can I see and be sent pictures of my baby after the adoption placement?
Yes. Generally, pictures of your baby are sent to us annually by the adoptive parents for up to 18 years after birth. We will forward these on to you, if you want them. You can also send photos/letters to us and we will send them on to the adoptive parents.

• How will I feel after the baby is placed for adoption?
Birthparents report feeling a variety of emotions from sadness to a sense of peace. The hormonal changes which all women experience after birth can he re sponsible for much of these emotions. It ' s OK and normal to feel these emotions. Almost all birth parents who place a baby for adoption feel good about the decision.